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Its been a while....

Last time I posted was right before I jumped off a bridge into Beverly Harbor, but some asshole in a boat fished me out and took me to the shore.. Ended up in the hospital..

I think I am better now. I've cut out the drugs and most of the casual sex, dumped my abusive boyfriend. That casey guy from the Electronics Botique at the North Shore Mall in Danverse, MA is still stalking me, but he has stopped being so threatening...

In fact I think he is kinda growing on me... Maybe I'll answer the phone next time he calls instead of letting the machine take it,

Its been a while...

Wow, I havnt posted since mid September.

Since I dropped out of school and lost my job I have mostly just been doing lines of coke off of the toilet seat in the back of the Denny's in Danverse, MA.

I had to blow a clerk named Casey at the EB in the mall accross from Denny's to get on this computer and make one last post to my livejournal... I think I'll go for a swim...


Boston Mayor Responds!

AP (Boston) -Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino's city's two tallest building remain standing today after a terrorist attack left New York City less lucky.

Menino was quoted shouting "What Now, New York City, WHAT NOW?!" while gesturing in a manner this AP corespondant is unwilling to describe.

More here.


Who is Adventure1? people keep asking me. Anyone have an answer?

Also I am still working on my story from the other night, give me time :)

My god, I got home today (the drive from work was terrible) and my sister was out front with her friends.. This one chic, who sounds like she's been smoking since age 9, starts whining about needing a ride to the chiropracter, ONE MILE AWAY. Apparently she hurt herself at cheerleading practice.

I swear this girl will be pregnant and smoking crack in 3 years.

Fun fun fun..

So the Friedgreens.com and I spent last night running around Danverse. Weve got all sorts of good stories to tell, which I'll have up on the web before too long.... They are stories of love, hope, and even death... Yes the bodycount was non-zero.

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ok, so the powers that bee in the relm of LJ deleted myfriends list. this is ok. i plan on adding everyone back that has me listed as a friend also, but i will take more time to do this, as to NOT overlaod the server. i'm doing this alphabetically, so if your at the end , it may take a few days. i have 400 of you listing me as friends, and hopefully the LJ people will not get so mad at me for having 400 friends.

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in addition....

i can't seem to get into my edit friends page. so to anyone who asked me to take them off, i tried, but i kept on getting browser errors and re-loading and i finally gave up! i'm sorry. i really am not doing this to be mean to anyone.

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i am not jsut trying ot create problems for the LJ server. I am so entusiastic about LJ that i went around adding as many people as i could. i thought this would be interesting, and getting little insights into people's lives is the point. that's just it. i can load up my friends page and grab little insights into people's lives. and i won't be following it with a stalker mentality either. there are little beautiful snippets of people's lives, the single serving friends, if you will, that i am interested in. you ARE a beautiful and unique snowflake, and i'm just trying to grasp that.