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evalove's Journal

Eva Love
9 April
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I am a junior at a College in Boston, and living in Cambridge while I am there, but its not where I am from origionaly ;) sit in writing classes and
listen to Ani DiFranco when there's a lull or a break, which is often. Afterwards I take a taxi or bus downtown to the store where I have worked for nearlyeight months now. I met my current best friend and roommate at the store and we share an apartment on the north side. I painted murals on my wall and got on a decorating kick, which has left me craving anything to do with interior design.

My interests and admirations include, but are not limited to: writing, reading, painting, decorating, concerts, music, websites, zines, good restaurants, baseball, bookstores, and friends. More than anything I love Cherry Coke, Stevie Nicks, Borders bookstore, beautiful personalities, mail, loud music, books, animals, and make-up.